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As attractive as window seats are, only a few older homes with deep dormers seem to have them. And adding a window seat has always been considered impractical. First, you need a niche that features a window. Then, the seat has to be custom-built : by a cabinetmaker or trim carpenter to fit the exact width and sill height , of the window. Not surprisingly, this approach is expensive and time-consuming. In an industry that often feels designed to make you discontent, we want this to be place you come for inspiration, ideas, and encouragement to make the space you're already in feel like home. Thank you for these great ideas. I’ve lived in a lot of houses and have learned to make existing finishes fit my preferences. I love solving design problems. I think when you have limits, you get unique results. Our currrnt kitchen has lovely oak mid toned beautifully crafted cabinets. I can add painted finishes elsewhere just like the painted cabinet kitchens put the wood in the floor or the accents. I don’t feel the need to paint the cabinets to get that same modern balance we feel looks fresh today. Your ideas I think really illustrate that point.gut kitchen renovation costFor example, a kitchen renovation may cost from $5,000 to $50,000 or more depending on the appliances and finishes you choose. Experts in home improvements recommend 5% of the value of your home should , be in your kitchen. So if your home is worth $500,000, you could consider spending up to $25,000 on your kitchen.” A recent trend in , the world of kitchens, and definitely one that helps make a new kitchen cost less, is upscaling cheap kitchen carcasses from places like Ikea to give them a more expensive, bespoke look. Companies like Plykea opens in new tab and Husk opens in new tab make doors, drawers, worktops and more to fit Ikea's kitchen cabinets, but give your kitchen more of a handmade look. Justnotmartha, I think you are way much more a Martha than you claim. LOL! That is one gorgeous kitchen! I have Ikea kitchen cabs as well, but still stuck in dreamland on my remodel, I cannot imagine my kitchen looking as good at that. And at under 30K? I'd love to know who your contractor was. Care to share? Congrats!contractor to install ikea kitchenLooking for a credit card? Find the card that fits your needs with our handy comparison tool. For me, an IKEA kitchen is worth it. This kitchen has been a bigger pain than my last to order and pickup the kitchen designer , made one massive mistake that cost us at least 8 hours by printing the front plan. But because of the quality, customization options, and the fact that I like to do things on my own, I still love an IKEA kitchen., A few months ago, we installed KUNGSBACKA cabinets on the base wall of our kitchen and chose them because we were going for an industrial vibe. Between IKEAs innovative designs and budget-friendly prices, it was a win-win.160We saved, too, because my husband and I installed them ourselves. 8212 Amy Arbogast FIRST: We can measure your existing space and create a new kitchen with IKEAs 3D design tools.""""""""



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