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A beautiful blend of 100%Organic herbs that are combined to aid you get good rest and wake up feeling recharged, renewed and in your power. Blend includes: Soursop,Dandelion, Ginger,Lemon Mugwort. All herbs have been individually blessed . So here is a little recipe for those of you who may be struggling with your immunity (feeling under the weather) and diabetic friends that are having a hard time with there numbers staying down and or those who are looking to aid the healing of the liver. It is also an amazing recipe for those who have been feeling lack luster and unmotivated, or in need of additional protection.(i am not a medical professional, i am an herbalist, please do your own research and ask your doctor about possible interactions with current medications, Madre Luna's LLC assumes no responsibility for anyone. Please do your research thank you)

Soursop: is an amazing Immune booster ,high in vitamin c which aids in the healing and prevention of cancerous cells, also aids in lowering your bad cholesterol

Spiritually: you can burn this herb to help with cleansing your space,or to help you with prophetic dreams.

Dandelion: increases the activity of the liver pancreas and spleen helping with liver function and especially beneficial to those with diabetes.

Spiritually : this herb is incredibly protective as often used in rituals to summon spirits or to Aid in the protection and purification of your Sacred Space.

Ginger: fight infection and aids with digestion inflammation and helps manage glucose levels.

Spiritually: fast-acting and highly protective has often been used as heat to make things happen quickly and spell work specifically things that have to do with money drawing or love drawing.

Lemon: this beautiful ingredient is incredibly cleansing both physically and metaphysically it aids in weight loss lowers the risk of heart disease anemia digestive issues and some studies show that even aids in the healing and prevention of cancer

Spiritually: incredibly protective and highly cleansing often used as a third eye activator and used to refresh the spirit by use of spiritual baths one of the many ways you can use this beautiful ingredient

Steep and sweeten with honey or maple syrup, hope you enjoy!

Luna 🌛🧿🌜

Madre Luna's LLC does not take accountability for any allergic reaction. We assume no responsibility for you not knowing your allergies.

Love and blessings Familia!


Madre Luna's LLC Immunity Boost

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