Runes are used as tools of divination, a way to predict one's future. Rune come in a set of 24 ancient alphabetic symbols, usually kept in a pouch or box. includes  defininition of the symbols.

Ideally ruins are cast on an East/West axis or facing the sun. A white cloth is laid down and used to determine the direction of the casting. From here the focus should lie with the pressing question. After casting the stones onto the cloth the ones which have fallen the right side up are read and depending upon whether the rune is reversed or not will have a bearing upon its meaning and the reading as a whole.

 alternative casting...

Pick a rune stone randomly for a day reading; you can also do what is known as a 3 rune spread. Some feel that the day rune is a good way to get an answer to a single question. The 3 Rune Spread is used for asking broader questions whereas the single rune can be drawn on a daily basis. 

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