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Agua Anil/ Indigo water has its roots in many latin and African rooted practices such as esperitismo anil is used to protect one's energy while doing reading or any form of divination. It is often used to cleanse and clear your self, space or spiritual tools including your white altar clothes for your Boveda espiritual.(ancestral altar or sacred space). It traditionally comes is small square however we have made a concentrated blend and taken the laborious work of crushing up your cubes in this ready, easy to pour vessel. You can add some to your washer to cleanse clothes and altar clothes (traditionally used to cleanse your whites clothes used for ritual or altar clothes) you can add to a spirotual bath or to your mop bucket to cleanse your home or office. Place in spray bottle to cleanse your spiritual tools or space with ease. Or simply place out in a bowl next to you during spiritual work/readings to catch negative energies, alternatively you can also place at your front door for the same purpose.

Love and blessings Familia

Luna ( all items have been prayed over and blessed for 21 days)

Agua Anil / Indigo Water (5oz.)

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