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Weekly card pull for the Collective 7/8/2024-7/14/2024

: Intense energies this week, all major arcana brings some major shifts and major revelations to us which will lead to transformation and transmutation of old patterns and behaviors that keep us tied to our egos and by proxy the same results. Are you ready to let go of old behaviors, people or thoughts that keep you tied to the same outcome. Manifesting and yet still trying to control how you receive the blessing? Spirit is asking you to get out of your own way. Make time to do the inner work (address your shadow) your fears, your emotional wounds that keep you stagnant. Release in order to receive! (Pay attention to your thoughts, your intuitive nudges and dreams this week they will be very telling) Much love and many blessings! I hope this resonates. Luna🧿🔮💜

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