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Spirit Message Card of the day 04/29/2024 :

Spirit Message Card of the day 04/29/2024


Open to infinite possibility

Protection Message: When cynicism says no, Starfish Spirit says yes, a thousand times over. Are you willing to entertain new possibilities? Are you limiting your goals in order to be realistic, and cutting yourself off from the power of dreaming big?

Let go of your rigid beliefs about what is possible for you and let Starfish Spirit inspire you to open your heart and your eyes to what Spirit has available to you.

Now is a time to stretch beyond the familiar and unfurl yourself, for you are meant for more than you are imagining for yourself. Spirit wants the best for you and will support you in achieving whatever intention you hold.

Hope this resonates, Love and Blessings!

Madre Luna's LLC.

Colete Baron-Reid Deck

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