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Spirit led Card pull 05/22/2024:



Essential meanings: Patience; waiting; going slowly; all is well; meditation; trust.

The Oracle's Message: Patience in all things is called for right now. What do you need to do when you’re in a rush? Slow down, of course. Meditate, and trust. Breathe, and repeat. Humans cannot exist without drawing breath. Now is the time to allow this life-giving element of air to replenish your life, your light, and your very essence. Stop to smell the roses, breathe in the light, release the darkness, and miracles will appear.

Relationship message: Don’t be in too much of a hurry right now. The heart needs time to open. Take a breath, and let nature take its course. Release constriction and anxiety, for there is no need for it. Savor the moment, and don’t let the waiting prove difficult. Your heart knows what the ego often resists learning. Patience pays off in deep and meaningful ways.

Prosperity message: You have worked long and hard, your dreams are coming to fruition, and you want to hurry things along. You are the slow one moving languidly yet still progressing right now, in a rhythm dictated by your authentic nature, the essence of your dream, and the will of the Universe. Slow and steady wins this race. You will indeed win if you relax, stay the course you’re already on, trust your intuition, and breathe.

Hope this resonates!

love and blessings Familia!


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