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Card Pull for July 2nd, 2024

The Dream of Co-creation

Key concepts:

the metaphysics of manifestation, partnership with the Universe, evidence of frequency alignment, unity between spiritual and material

Within each of us is a spark of Infinite Intelligence and the blueprint for our purpose. Everything needed for our highest expression is built right into us. Our biggest issue is our disconnection from Source, with its accompanying amnesia. Our job is to wake up and remember who we are—partners with Spirit, co-creators, not solo manifesters navigating the world while fueled by ego. We are made of energy, and we align our energy according to our attention, which is broadcast into the Field of Abundance and reflected back in the outer world as evidence.

Right now, you have an opportunity to align yourself fully with the essence of your greatest, most fulfilling vision for your life. You are awake, so place your attention on the concept of abundance. Multiply this in your heart and soul and mind. Feel it, be it, and soon you will notice more and more evidence of this truth. What you dream about and focus on will multiply. Now is the time to discipline your mind, claim the best and surrender the rest, and dream the world you love into being. Just keep dreaming and moving forward. Destiny is yours to claim!

Hope it resonates! love and blessings

from the new Colette Baron Reid Deck: Guides of the hidden realm's oracle


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